Gourmet Salt Blends

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Coarse Black Truffle Salt: is a sophisticated blend of coarse-grained salt and highly prized black summer truffles. The complex, earthy flavor is intoxicating in scent and taste.

Saffron Peppercorn SeaSalt: is an aromatic blend of natural sea salt seasoned with a mix of ground pink peppercorns and genuine saffron.

Mocha- Vanilla Sea Salt: balances the flavors of coffee and cocoa with aromatic vanilla, creating an ideal finishing salt for desserts and sweet treats.

Hibiscus Chili Lime Salt: is an elegant, flavorful combination of spicy chile peppers, tart Hibiscus powder, and refreshing lime. This blend perfectly complements a wide array of foods and drinks.

Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt: Infused with the rich, fragrant flavor of subtly sweet cherrywood smoke, our Cherrywood Smoke Sea Salt adds a mild smokiness and salty crunch to a wide variety of foods.

Grey Sea Salt: is a moist, unrefined salt with a complex yet mild taste. Harvested by hand from the most renowned salt marshes of France, it is versatile as a cooking or finishing salt. 

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