Isla Bio Vegan Leather Tote - Two Colors

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The Isla Tote is one of our newest Biodegradable Vegan Leather Totes. This tote size measures up to 15 inches in length, which makes it one of our biggest totes in our collection. Not only is this bag sustainable and eco-friendly, this tote is versatile and functional. Paired with a snap on bag to secure your personal belongs, this tote is a must have in your collection. Our signature Ampere logo pairs extremely well with our gold toned hardware.

What is biodegradable vegan leather? Just like your typical pineapple and mushroom leather, our biodegradable leather is 100% eco friendly and sustainable to the environment. They are made out of all recyclable materials that go through a special conditioning. Just like any biodegradable materials, it has the ability to disintegrate over time. While this process is be assimilated into the natural environment, you can ensure that there is no ecological harm during the process.

• Dimensions: 15″ x 5″ x 11″

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