Pasta for Dinner by Mary Sandroni

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This is the first book in the series called What's for Dinner?, which is aimed at adults looking for a cute, quick book to read with young children. With easy-to-read text and illustrations on every page these books will delight children and adults alike. What's for dinner? Mom is making pasta for dinner tonight. It's everyone's favorite. However, when it comes to picking the pasta shape, there can only be one. Or can there? Which sister will get to choose the pasta shape for dinner? Join 8-year-old Scarlett and 4-year-old Sophia as the sisters prepare for their favorite meal. This book is written from Scarlett's point of view on her way home from school to dinner. Pasta for Dinner was inspired by Scarlett and Sophia and the real events that unfold when Mom makes pasta for dinner.

About the Author

Mary comes from a large, Italian family that loves food, family, and fun. She is a working mother to two beautiful daughters, Scarlett and Sophia. Mary enjoys cooking, traveling, fashion, and writing. She was raised in Seneca Falls, New York and currently resides in the Finger Lakes Region of New York with her family.

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