16oz Glass Jar Soy Candle

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16 ounces of eco-goodness packed into a recycled glass jar with kraft label and paper lid. 

- 100% soy candle hand-poured in Appleton, WI.

- Phthalate-free fragrance and essential oil blends. 

- Natural paper, cotton or hemp wicks - no lead.

- Glassware and all packaging made in USA.

- Midwest-grown soybeans.

- Burn time up to 95 hours | Optimal burn length is 3.5-4.5 hours at a time


APPLE ORCHARD:  Crisp, juicy red apples straight from the orchard.

BEACH BUM scent description: Tropical coconut, warm kola nut and fresh island fruits.

BEACH HOUSE:  Fresh summer melons and crisp ocean air to remind you of those carefree days on the beach.

BLUEBERRY PATCH: The sweet and tart smell of fresh blueberries from the local market.

BOURBON VANILLA scent description: Rich bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, cedarwood & cardamom.

CARAMEL RUM CAKE scent description: Creamy, buttery caramel with rum, maple, almond, pear and sweet vanilla

CITRUS SQUEEZE: Best seller! A bold citrus blend of sweet orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit, lemon & lime.

CRUSHED CRANBERRY: fresh cranberries, apples, citrus zest, clove & cinnamon

CUPCAKE: Warm yellow cupcakes topped with creamy vanilla icing.

DOOR COUNTY CHERRY: A bushel of sweet Door County cherries handpicked in summer with a nice earthy undertone.

EGGNOG: Classic spiked eggnog with nutmeg and vanilla

EUCALYPTUS SAGE: Crisp eucalyptus leaves, sandalwood, rosemary and blue sage.

FIG & OAK scent description: Fresh figs, cranberry, leather & musk.

GARDENIA & GUAVA scent description: Gardenia blossoms, jasmine, guava fruit & tropical greens.

GODDESS scent description: The essence of a true goddess.... patchouli with jasmine, sandalwood, cinnamon, vetiver & musk. 

HERB GARDEN scent description: Fresh tarragon leaves, bergamot, grapefruit & jasmine with green and oaky base notes.

HONEY MANGO: Ripe mango, pure honey & a hint of papaya.

LAVENDER LEMON scent description: A clean fresh blend of lavender and tangy lemon

LOVESPELL scent description: A fruity blend of cherry blossoms, apples, peaches and white jasmine. (Just like the Victoria's Secret best-seller!)

NAG CHAMPA: If you like Goddess, you will love this scent! A famous blend of plumeria, asian resins and sandalwood to bring out your inner hippie. *BEST SELLER

OCEAN WAVES scent description: Fresh marine notes, citrus and a hint of musk. the essence of fresh ocean air.

ORANGE CLOVE scent description: the scent of homemade pomanders - sweet winter oranges pierced with spicy cloves

PRECIOUS WOODS: Smoked wood, nutmeg, musk & ylang blossoms.

PUMPKIN PECAN: Pumpkin, pecan & maple syrup.  A Fall favorite!

SANCTUARY: Black orchid, ginger, cardamom, water lily. leather, amber, and kyara incense

SPA DAY scent description: A fresh floral medley with musk, melon and sweet citrus dancing in the ocean breeze.

SPICED CRANBERRY: Sweet cranberry, cinnamon and cloves.

STARFRUIT & CYPRESS scent description: A sweet and earthy combination of perfectly ripened starfruit and japanese cypress.

VANILLA GRAPEFRUIT scent description: Creamy vanilla with a surprising burst of pink grapefruit.

VERBENA BASIL: Summer lemons, verbena, basil & cedar leaf

WARM VANILLA: The perfect bakery vanilla - warm, creamy and rich.g

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